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Issues Faced by Agencies

Ad agencies across the globe have been struggling to find the right fit for their publisher and advertiser on-boarding strategies. But most Ad agencies are limited by their geographical reach. The fact of the matter is, that ad agencies are dependent on their network – the more extensive the network, the more  easier it is for them to provide solutions to their clients and partners.

The extent of an agency’s potential is also evident in the case of last minute ad slot fulfillment. The advertisement agencies don’t have any scaled up platform that can manage the timely ad slot allocation and work on two way spec matching.

The Solution: Agencies

Use our custom solution to track down all your issues and generate a higher revenue.

The agencies have a two-pronged approach – reaching out to publishers on one hand and to advertisers on another. Agencies, thus, have to act as catalysts to facilitate the service delivery for advertisers and publishers alike. Since both these segments also demand completely separate acquisition strategies, the agencies have to fork out tricks that help them tailor their services for clients from various demo-graphical business interests.

  • Simpler Onboarding of Publishers
  • Easier Advertiser Acquisition
  • Access to an Expansive Network

AdCheff Advantage for Agencies

Simpler Onboarding of Publishers

All Advertisement agencies have to keep growing their publisher portfolio to stay relevant in an ever-competitive ads world. With AdChef however, they easily get access to publishers and the options they have. This also keeps handy the specifications for the publishers and the exact spec-match for the types of advertisements that they have available at any given time, thus streamlining the process of on-boarding. SpecSlot has a database of all specifications for different ad-type parameters pertaining to publishers from around the globe. So, AdChef utilizes Specslot to look into each and every trait of an ad requirement. It goes without saying that armed with this powerful data, agencies can work easily towards on-boarding publishers.

Easier Advertiser Acquisition

An online database used by advertisers from varied regions and with a variety of  interests who are able to access your available ad options on the click of a button yes, that is actually as simple as it sounds, thanks to AdChef’s curated database and dynamic system.

Access to an Expansive Network

One aspect for agencies that needs to be improved on a daily basis is the power of their own network. But the problem is, most agencies work within closed confinements of their own publishing partners and hence have a limited database and/or advertiser reach. Adchef is the one platform that helps them go beyond that and access a network of networks with a level playing field.

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